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EIC Project of The Year - Eagle Award 2023: Brightline


Location: Orlando, FL

Type of Project: Train Station

Contract Value: $1,824,000

Length of Project: March 2022 to April 2023


  • Entry Portal

  • AM/PM Bar

  • Custom Paneling

  • Zipping Retail Area

  • Lobby

  • Smart Lounge

  • Premium Lounge

  • Ticketing Area



About the Project


"This world-class train station continues our mission of transforming train travel in America,” said Patrick Goddard, president at Brightline. “We have carefully thought through each detail of this station to ensure that it exceeds the expectations of the modern traveler."



The Brightline Train Station in Orlando was an exciting project for our millwork company, where we had the opportunity to showcase our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. We were responsible for several critical elements of the project, including the entry portal, custom paneling, and various lounge areas.


The entry portal was a standout feature of the station, towering over the entry and creating an impressive first impression. We designed, fabricated, and installed a custom 3FORM structure that seamlessly integrated with the overall aesthetic of the station.





Another impressive feature was the AM/PM bar, a custom bar that included 3Form, LED systems, and automation that changed between morning and night settings. We meticulously crafted this bar to ensure that it was functional, visually appealing, and a standout feature of the station.

Our team also provided plastic laminate paneling and massive radius columns throughout the main circulation area. This custom paneling added a touch of sophistication and durability to the station's aesthetic, ensuring a long-lasting performance.


In addition to these features, we designed and installed custom cabinetry for the zipping retail area, which was totally cashless and had RFID payment technology. We also created state-of-the-art radiused reception desks called "pods" for the lobby and custom cabinetry and paneling systems for the smart lounge waiting area.



The premium lounge was another standout feature of the station. We crafted custom millwork and cabinetry, custom wood ceiling features, and wall paneling that added a touch of luxury to the space.

Finally, we designed and installed a custom electronic kiosk wall for ticketing services, ensuring that passengers could access ticketing services quickly and efficiently. 




Overall, our team's meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail greatly contributed to the success of this landmark project. The Brightline Train Station in Orlando now stands as a welcoming and functional transportation hub for commuters and travelers alike.

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