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Camilo Saravia

Senior Project Manager

Camilo Saravia is one of the two Sr. Project managers at AMI and has been a huge asset is running South Florida Opertions since 2018. Graduating from Farmingdale University trained in architecural design Camilo has worked in both estimating and project mangement for Advanced Millwork. With over 24 years in experience in the fields of Architectural Interiors / Millwork, Store Fixtures, and Residential Interiors Camilo has the knowledge to help on all aspects on a project. For AMI Camilo led numerous projects including the Navy Federal Credit Union Pensacola a $3.7 million project, the Isle One Casino, and the Paseo de la Riviera hotel and housing development.

Prior to finding a career in the construction industry Camilo was a member of the United States Army as an Artillery Surveyor. Currently Camilo resides in South Florida with his wife of 14 years, and their son.

Camilo Saravia
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