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Jermy Dunston

Purchasing Manager

Jermy has been a member of Advanced Millwork Inc. for over six years. During most of this time Jermy was a shipping and receiving clerk and handled all products being delivered to AMI. He was in charge of stocking the company’s inventory, and distributing all incoming products to correct shop members, as well as assigning them to appropriate projects. Since the beginning of 2020 Jermy has taken over as the purchasing manager at AMI, where he uses his vast product knowledge to make sure everything is ordered correctly and on time for the projects timeline. His hobbies include basketball, playing the drums and karaoke.


What’s the most useless talent you have?
I can eat 2 whoppers at one time.

Would you rather spend the rest of your life with a sailboat as your home or an RV as your home?
A RV as my home.

Would you rather have unlimited international first-class tickets or never have to pay for food at restaurants?

Interesting Fact #1:

I got to meet Adam Sandler and be an extra as a fan on the water boy movie. The movie was shot right at the Camping World Stadium.

Interesting Fact #2:

I climbed Angles Landing @ Zion National Park and survived it.

Jermy Dunston
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